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You must refer to Google Classroom for all assignments. 

Mrs. Santo
Mrs. Santo
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Student Responsibilities:

  • Students will be responsible to complete the learning tasks that grade level teachers assign.

  • Students will be responsible for log-in to any online learning tools that have been assigned by the teacher.

  • Students will be thoughtful and kind in regard to online communications with peers and teachers.  It is expected that all online activity be school appropriate.

  • Students in grades PreK-12 will be expected to log in to Google Classroom to complete the required assignments. 

    • Students are required to check-in with their teachers for attendance each day.

    • Students will participate in learning by completing assigned work and responding to teacher posts/prompts on a daily basis.

    • Students will communicate with their teacher if there are circumstances that limit their ability to complete work by the specified time.

    • Students will ask teachers for help if they are confused by a lesson or feel they are falling behind. 


Dear Music Students,

I can’t believe it has only been a week since we have made music together. I think we are all saddened by this sudden shift in our daily lives.  While we are adjusting to our new routine, I want you to know that I miss you and I miss making music with you all very much! 

In this challenging time, while this situation is keeping us apart, it is important that we stay connected. Music has always been a lifeline and outlet used in trying times to relieve stress and bring joy.  This is no different. I ask that you draw upon your musical skills to do just that. By listening to each other, collaborating, continuing to be leaders and members of this musical family, we will move forward as if we will be singing together again tomorrow.  While things are different, our goal is the same: to make beautiful music, inspire each other and those around us, and to strive for excellence.  

In the coming days we will venture together into uncharted waters and you will help revolutionize this new world of chorus.  You will receive new online learning opportunities which will allow me to continue to guide you in our musical journey. Please continue in your practice and commitment to making our program the best it can be. 

We often talk about how each and every member of our musical family is important, and that statement has never been more true than now. You are the heart of this program, and in turn you are part of my heart. I can’t wait to get started on this journey with you next week, and even moreso, I can’t wait until we are all back in CH1 together again. 

Mrs. Santo

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“Music is the great uniter.

An incredible force.

Something that people who differ

on everything and anything else

can have in common.”

― Sarah Dessen”

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